Sao Paulo
Mon, Mar 15, 2021, 6:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

It’s a fact: we, human beings, do not know how to live without technology. Actually, it has been like this for a long, long time since the 1st Industrial Revolution. The most recent breakthrough is the advent of the “digital world”. According to Wikipedia, digitality involves nearly continuous contact with other people through cell phones, near instantaneous access to information through the World Wide Web, third wave information storage (where any fragment in a text can be searched and used for categorization, such as through search engine Google), and communicating through weblogs and email. Although their solid contribution to the creation of the digital culture, the 60+ have lived most of their lives under the analogic one, and many find it very hard to adapt and to make use of Apps and AI to improve their quality of life.

And just as many, if not more, do not even have the chance to access to this “new world”, especially what we call in Brazil “classes D and E”, which barely make USD300/ month. Luckily however, a lot do, and this Live focuses on (i) showing how digital technology can indeed make anyone’s life better ( but, as with any thing, there are some tricks and shortcuts); and (ii) and how can technology help to make its own use more social inclusive, and which public policies may make the digital world more democratic. 

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  • Sergio Duque Estrada

    Sergio Duque Estrada

    Aging2.0 South America


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Monday, Mar 15
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (-03)

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