Sao Paulo
Sat, Nov 21, 2020, 3:30 AM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

Aging2.0 Sao Paulo will again participate of the biggest longevity fair in Latin America: “Longevidade Expo Forum". Last year, the very first, which took place in the largest convention center in Brazil, the event attracted tens of thousands of the “60+ universe”, that is, the various 60+ populations, companies, professionals, organizations of both public and private sectors. Aging2.0 São Paulo was then offered its own booth, where it housed the finalists of our national startup search contest. The seniortechs had the opportunity to show their products and services and gather feedback to improve their deliverables. On the third day, the 3 winners were announced in the event’s main arena, to hundreds of people.

This year the Fair will all be exclusively on line, and starts today, Nov 20th, and will end on Sunday Nov 22nd. Full 3 days of activities ranging from engaging classes to academic discussions, from entertainment to the discussion of political propositions on the rights of the elderly in Brazil. Special focus will be given to the working capacity of elderly Brazilians, their participation and purpose, against the background of a rapidly aging population: from 16% today to 31% in 2050. By 2025, Brazil will have the 6th largest population of elderly adults in the world. So, continuing education and distant learning, which make heavy use of technology - not to mention telehealth and telemedicine - are the in the forefront of subjects that will permeated various panels of the Longevity Expo Fair.

On Saturday, Nov 22nd, at 9am, Aging2.0 São Paulo will have 2 directors (Prof. Egidio Dorea, MD, and Gabriela Michelin, 60+Marketing Expert) and its ambassador (Sergio Duque Estrada) participating of the kick off panel of the day: “Health, Behavior, and consumption of goods and services after COVID 19: the new normal for the 60+”

On the same day, at 4:30pm, Sergio Duque Estrada will coordinate an exclusively Aging2.0 event: “Entrepreneurship and Seniortechs in Brazil”; for which he invited Caito Maia, senior director of Shark Tank Brazil and entrepreneur, who created an empire of fashion and sunglasses; Victor Andrade, a 30 yo Harvard graduate and co-founder and CEO of Nilo Saude, a newborn venture that received USD 2MM while still in its MVP phase; and Jose Macedo, an 60+ veteran from the insurance and finance markets, founder and CEO of OInsurance. Both startups are focused in the 50+ market and in providing health services (OInsurance also provides various types of insurance for the 50+ generations).

Keynote Speaker

  • Sergio Duque Estrada

    Sergio Duque Estrada

    Aging2.0 BRASIL e Ativen

    Embaixador e CEO

    Sergio is partner of Valormax, an M&A and Reestructuring boutique in São Paulo, Brazil and as of November 2017 has been Aging2.0 São Paulo Chapter's Ambassador.

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  • Caito Maia

    Caito Maia

    Shark Tank


  • Victor Marcondes

    Victor Marcondes

    Nilo Saude


  • Jose Carlos Macedo

    Jose Carlos Macedo




  • Sergio Duque Estrada

    Sergio Duque Estrada

    Aging2.0 BRASIL e Ativen

    Embaixador e CEO

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Saturday, Nov 21
3:30 AM - 4:30 AM (-03)

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