New Habits of the 60+: opportunities for founders and marketers

Sao Paulo
Fri, Dec 18, 2020, 3:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

Aging2.0 São Paulo was invited to participate of the São Paulo Tech Week, a top event in Brazil’s tech agenda ( dedicated to founders, companies, investors, academics, organizations and all people interested in innovation and how it can bring economic development and social inclusion. The event will tackle various segments and will run from Dec 12th-18th, with various lives. The theme longevity has been attracting a lot of attention due to the realization (at last!), that the Brazilian population is not only living longer, but the percentage of the elderly is becoming more and more important.

This will be second panel that Aging2.0 Sao Paulo designed for the São Paulo Techweek. The 60+ population in Brazil is not the same of the previous generations: they are definitely not like their parents or grandparents. Rapidly changing habits, innovative technologies, the advent of the pandemia, that accelerated the digitalization of a considerable part of the older adults have been reshaping their habits. New segments are opening up, and companies are beginning to understand the importance of this still rather untapped market. For sure it is not homogenous, which actually gives more variety and market possibilities of segmentation. Communication also plays a very important role, but organizations in general, public or private, have not been doing a good job. It seems they are now willing to learn - but first we have to dig a little more to understand the reasons that have made it so hard for the 60+ to be heard. Is it because the marketing departments of companies in general are now being run by a younger staff, not so attuned with the needs and wishes of the 60+? Or still is it because companies are simply afraid to contaminate their image, and fear being taken as “old”, not “sexy”? And how sex is actually potentially intertwined with all these issues (after all, media companies don’t use the term “sexy” / “not sexy” for a marketing campaign?).

To discuss these are other related issues, Aging2.0 São Paulo put up this panel and invited experts, that have a solid career in studying, analyzing and interacting with the needs and wishes of the 60+: They are:

Moderator: Marcia Ladeira, Co-Founder Tiramissu Media; Director Aging2.0 Sao Paulo; former director of TV GLOBO


Gabi Michelin: gerontologist; CEO Raizesetc Research & Marketing; Director Aging2.0 São Paulo; Co-Founder Nucleo60+

Mauricio Turra: Co-Founder Next 49+; Former professor at ESPM (University of Marketing of São Paulo)

Martin Henkel: CEO SeniorLab; Director Aging2.0 São Paulo; Co-Founder Nucleo60+


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