Population 60+: demand and opportunity for innovation and social inclusion in Brazil

Sao Paulo
Wed, Dec 16, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

Aging2.0 São Paulo was invited to participate of the São Paulo Tech Week, a top event in Brazil’s tech agenda (www.saopaulotechweek.com) dedicated to founders, companies, investors, academics, organizations and all people interested in innovation and how it can bring economic development and social inclusion. The event will tackle various segments and will run from Dec 12th-18th, with various lives. The theme longevity has been attracting a lot of attention due to the realization (at last!), that the Brazilian population is not only living longer, but the percentage of the elderly is becoming more and more important. So we decided to offer the public that will be online, a panel with testimonies of all our embassies, which will give an overall view of how each ambassador perceives the effects of longevity, the most pressing demands of the elderly, and how innovation and technology may come in to have a positive impact in her / his region.


Moderator: Venceslau Antonio Coelho - PhD, Geriatrics Doctor at the HC USP Hospital, Member of the Brazilian Society of Gerontotechnology (Sbgtec)


Henriette Krutman, Ambassador Rio de Janeiro - MBA MIT; Angels of Brasil;

Paulo Formighieri, Ambassador Ribeirao Preto - Geriatric Doctor

Vagner Lacerda, Ambassador Brasilia - Director at Banco do Brasil

Sergio W. Duque Estrada, Ambassador Sao Paulo - CEO Valormax & Ativen

Taiuani Marquine, Ambassador Curitiba - Occupational Therapist, Federal University of Paraná State

Cinthya Leite, Ambassador Recife - Gerontologist; Journalist


Keynote Speakers



    AGING2.0 - Chapter Rio


  • Cinthya Leite

    Cinthya Leite

    Embaixadora AGING2.0 - Recife


  • Sergio Duque Estrada

    Sergio Duque Estrada



  • Sheila Pires

    Sheila Pires

    Diretora AGING Brasilia


    See Bio
  • Paulo Formighieri

    Paulo Formighieri

    Embaixador AGING Ribeirão Preto

    Médico Geriatra

  • Taiuani Marquine

    Taiuani Marquine

    Embaixadora AGING Curitiba

    Docente URPR

    See Bio

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