R$ 1 trillion/ year of 60+ consumption: what’s the cost of neglecting this market?

Sao Paulo
Tue, Dec 8, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

This event will discuss why corporations and institutions (and hospitals, clinics, etc.) do not yet recognize the relevance of the 60+ and of their evident purchasing power: R$1trillion / year (approximately USD200 billion / year) and growing. The elderly are already 16% of the Brazilian population (or 34 million people) and should reach 31% or 63 million people by 2050. Why are still overlooked by industries of almost all sectors - from financial services to cosmetics (apart from from the ageist “anti-aging” creams…). In spite of all this “power”, organizations haven’t yet found a way to better communicate with this market (or should we say markets, after all the 60+ are very diverse). Isn’t there ROI to be collected? Is is marketing miopia? What is the problem?

In the marketing industry, a campaign to be successful must be “sexy” - so that means that the 60+ are not sexy…hum, but if Freud was right, not just sex, but power runs the world. And this last factor is surely more in the hands of the elderly. Look at the most powerful country in the world, the US: the campaign, won by Binden, who is almost 80, had Trump (current president) that is almost….80 too as his contender. So what ’s going on? Or is it because most marketing agencies (now almost all digital) are filled with millennials who still think that they will live forever and “old” is out of their dictionary - they are not related to this phase of life? But, although VERY slow, the elderly are conquering their space. Perhaps the pandemic accelerated their digitalization - and since we live in a digital world, until very recently the 60+ were not that visible because they were not in the social midia and in the internet so often. But they are making strong inroads and their voices being heard. Ageism is becoming part of the “Diversity” trend now going around the globe- (whether or not it is all for real we shall see, but don’t we have to make a sincere and strong try? Of course we do, and this also why we are putting on this live). Behind all this is our fight against ageism. Aging2.0 is one of the 3 supporters of the first campaign ever made in Brazil against ageism. It started quietly in 2019 with the theme “Orgulho Prateado” or Silver Pride, and then turned to #PrideSixtyPlus, launched in October, and now it is going national with the affirmation #ImSixtyPlus - the definite form of pride of having lived, contributed, suffered, laughed, gone through so much…and survived. If the theory of evolution is right, then the 60+ are the winners!

The event will be hosted by Unibes Cultural, one of Aging2.0’s main partners in São Paulo. Unibes is a major cultural center dedicated to diversity, with various pillars of action, being Aging one of them.

To enrich this incredible discussion Aging 2.0 is bringing the following speakers:

Carol Ribeiro, Vice President of the Brazilian Association of Cosmetology. Carol holds an MBA and has a long career in this sector, which spans from packaging and raw materials to final products and services

Gabi Michelin, gerontologist, marketing expert, CEO of RaizesEtc and Historias Contadas, both companies that have focused on the aging population, has performed various researches on the 60+ generations and recently joined Aging2.0 São Paulo as a director.

Marco Antonio Vieira Souto, is senior VP at Dreamers (Artplan) a major marketing and media consulting group in Brazil, where he is responsible for Strategic Planning for some of Brazil’s biggest corporations and also multinationals.

Sergio W. Duque Estrada, Ambassador for the São Paulo Chapter will moderate the live.


Keynote Speaker

  • Sergio Duque Estrada

    Sergio Duque Estrada



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