The home of the future for the elderly Brazilian population: technology, design and inclusion.

Sao Paulo
Thu, Sep 10, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

This Live will touch various aspects of the what the future home of the 60+ generations could be: technology, design and health intersect to create a new concept of “aging in place”. How does telemedicine, wearables, smart home safety, security devices and design can interact to create a better living for the elderly. Also the spaces conceived for those in latter stages of dementia are included in the discussion, since they are, after all, a home for many. There will be also a discussion on how to tackle the challenges offered by the serious social and income distribution differences that characterizes our population.

Gabriela Michelin, gerontologist and media and marketing expert, who recently ran a research on this issue of “housing for the 60+" will give an overview of the theme, followed by Prof. Chao, head of telemedicine at the Med School at the University of São Paulo, the most prestigious of the country, who will explain how telemedicine will change the way we interact with doctors and insurance companies, and how such change will start at home. Flavia Ranieri, architect and pioneer on both blue prints and interior design for the aging population, will approach not only such issues, but also how they matter when conceiving a long care institution for elders who are in advanced stage of dementia (ex: Alzheimer), and Marcelo Pires, CEO of Alarmbr, a local tech company who targets the 60+ market, will explain how security devices may be adopted for a better, healthier, and peaceful living. Legal aspects that hinder the construction of new residential units for the elderly will be also discussed in this Live, which we, at AGING2.0 São Paulo, believe will throw new light into this very important theme, given the speed of the growth of the elderly population in Brazil, which is now around 34 million people that make for 16% of the population, and expected to reach 64 million or 31% of the population by 2050.

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