Emerging Aging Innovation Ecosystems in Austria and Switzerland

Fri, Nov 13, 2020, 10:00 AM (CET)


The Aging2.0 Chapters in Lausanne, Vienna and Zurich are hosting the first joint virtual event to give our chapter members an overview of new startups, intrapreneurs, incubators, hackathons, accelerators, open innovation, public funding or investors activity of innovation for an ageing society.

Date: Friday, November 13, 2020

Time: 10:00 - 12:00h

Format: Zoom Meeting

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Conference Language: English (Main)

Questions/Discussion in French and German



Zurich Chapter

Hosted by Patrick Hofer, Aging 2.0 Zurich Ambassador

The chapter will give an insight into the new age strategy from the City of Zurich from Benno Seiler, Secretary General of Aging, Health and Environment Department outlining opportunities for startups to collaborate in the “AgeLab”.

Larissa Beutler, Project Manager, National Contact Person AAL from Innosuisse will give an update about AAL, the largest Swiss public funding program in aging.

Mirjam Nufer, Corporate Citizenship, Samsung Switzerland & Austria from Samsung will give a review and outlook of its brand new aging society startup accelerator program for impact startups.

Frank Kumli, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Basel Area is reporting from a recent workshop in collaboration with University Hospital Basel ‘Less hospital, more home. And outlines the next activities of the DayOne’s “The Aging Well Catalyst Project”.

Philippe Klaus, Head of personal assistance at Touring Club provides insights, on how the largest Swiss association is tackling the challenge of an aging society from an intrapreneurial perspective and outlines their approach in collaborating with age-tech startups.


Vienna Chapter

Hosted by Daniela Krautsack, Aging 2.0 Vienna Ambassador

Daniela is co-hosting the event with Sylvia Göttinger from the Vienna Business Agency and presenting the Viennese InnovationAgeTech Map. 

Daniela Krautsack will share the Vision & Mission of the Viennese Aging 2.0 Chapter and introduce this event's focus on efforts against loneliness and social isolation.

Wolf Mandl, Office manager of the Viennese Commissioner for Seniors will share the process and topics of the aging strategy of the City of Vienna.

Dunja Sporrer will present Plaudernetz, Austria’s first phone number against loneliness that was created and launched just before the first Austrian lockdown.

Hannah Lux will introduce her generational coffee house Vollpension (full board) and share how the Café became half board during Covid-19 respectively which innovative measures were designed to support its continuing success.

Jakob Doppler, head of the interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Digital Healthcare at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, presents the Schnapps online game Brelomate; an online game for older people who, in times of social isolation, connects them to their family and friends in a playful way.

Bernhard Matzner introduces Youtoo.help, an appointment and task management app that coordinates family and friends who task-share the care of a beloved person.


Lausanne Chapter

Hosted by Alexandre Grutman, Aging2.0 Lausanne Ambassador

As it is the first Lausanne chapter event, Alexandre and Marc (Vanuytrecht) will give a brief introduction on the expectations for the Lausanne Chapter to contribute and/or help towards the further development of the senior oriented ecosystem in our region and beyond.

Testimonial of the City of Lausanne from Yann Rod, Delegate for the Seniors from the City of Lausanne, will provide an overview on the strategy of the City towards Seniors so far, objectives as well as initiatives for the future.

Testimonial from Anne Jan, President of Avril, the largest and most established association focused on senior habitat. “The senior habitat ecosystem in Suisse Romandie”

Testimonial of Marc Vanuytrecht, Founder of Physio Home Care,”“Physio Home Care, how we disrupt home care through innovation”

Testimonial of Ira Sobel, Founder of Fintech For Older Adults, “The necessity of adapted finance for older adults in a fast evolving demographic context”

Testimonial of Alexandre Grutman, Founder of Senior Boulevard TV, “the senior habitat deficit and the hospitality crisis as the main driver for change & insight sharing”


Q&A, Discussion

We are looking forward to an exciting Aging2.0 Alps Chapters Update.

Join the webinar and get involved to change the future of aging!

Best wishes

Alex, Daniela, Patrick


Friday, Nov 13
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CET)

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