Future Proofing Your Employability as We Age

Wed, Jun 24, 2020, 4:00 PM (BST)


Recording can be found by clicking here or this 60 minute webinar to hear more about the disruptive global changes we are seeing with Covid-19 accelerating the adaptation of technology in every line of work. The rules for career and life success have changed forever. Loyalty and hard work were once rewarded with an incremental pension that would ensure a secure retirement. What is required now is to maintain lifelong employability and a purpose as we age. Work has changed into ‘something to do’ rather than ‘some place to go’ as we can all work from home as much or as little as we like.

John Fitzgerald, MD of the Harmonics Group, shared his 3-Dimensional approach that rewards those who are willing to relearn, reskill and reposition to meet changing demands as we age. He shared his insights and practical examples how to leverage the 5 categories included in the ‘Future Career Readiness Index’ to stay employable and marketable for life.

John’s business, Harmonics has provided career coaching to over 20,000 people and he teaches a 3-dimensional approach to achieve lifelong employability. He will also share the Nine C’s and 3 D’s ‘Future of Work skills’ which will never go out of date and practical insights from his personal career coaching experience over two decades.

In the second part of the webinar Ruth Winden, midlife career coach at Older Yet Bolder laid out five key strategies for people over 50 to futureproof their careers. Based on her extensive experience of working with clients over 50, she shared her recommendations: 

1) Embracing the digital business world 

2) Honouring the ability to perform, manage and lead through disruption and economic downturns 

3) The need to keep learning – the what, the how, the where 

4) Managing expectations and biases that come with being seen as an ageing workforce 

5) Raising opportunity awareness and adapting to new ways of working. Ruth provided practical examples and resources on how to manage your career beyond COVID-19.

In advance of the webinar, John recommended taking the Future Career Readiness Index, a free digital resource which was designed by Harmonics to help individuals to become future career ready. On completing the assessment, you will receive a career development guide with 20 great career coaching questions to help you plot your own career future. Access link: https://www.futurecareerreadiness.com/

You will feel better equipped to embrace the future of work after attending this interactive seminar.


John Fitzgerald is Managing Director of Harmonics www.harmonics.ie Ireland’s leading career consulting firm. John is a Career Futurist and Speaker on Future of Work. He has coached hundreds of blue-chip Senior Executives over the past 19 years to rethink their career strategy. His passion is consulting with Organisations and Business Leaders to help them anticipate Change and Future Proof. He is a multiple business founder having set up Harmonics in 2006 and serves on the board of OI Global Partners, a global career consulting practice with 225 office in 28 countries worldwide. He is the author of ‘Future Proof Your Career’, creator of the Future Career Readiness Index and recently published the Future Workforce Readiness Research Report.

Ruth Winden, the founder of Older Yet Bolder, is a qualified career management coach, job search strategist and holistic narrative career professional who has served individuals and organisations since the 1990s. A baby boomer herself, her motto “Older Yet Bolder” inspires professionals to pro-actively manage their midlife careers and fulfil their aspirations – and often forge a new path in the process. Ruth serves on the Advisory Board of the US Think Tank, Career Thought Leaders, where she has a special remit for older workers and career strategies for an ageing workforce. You can find her on Twitter under @OlderYetBolder and LinkedIn.

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