Webinar - Building Software People Love with Lean User Research

Aug. 29, 2018, 11 a.m.


Join us for this one-hour webinar - August 29th - 11 AM - 12 Noon - MDT!

Tech startups give themselves the best chance of success when they work with users throughout product development. But doing so presents a myriad of challenges, such as knowing who to talk to, understanding how to interact with them, implementing strategies to maintain a fast pace in product development, and knowing how to take action based on all of the information and feedback gathered.

Alex Iselin, a UX Researcher and Human-Centered Design Consultant in Boulder, Colorado, provides an overview of how to integrate lean user research and design strategies into a startup’s product development process. Attendees will leave the webinar equipped with:

*Lean user research methods, knowing how to avoid common pitfalls and understanding of how to integrate continuous research for a fast-moving startup

*Understanding of human-centered design strategy and product management activities

*Understanding of how to tap into motivation, enable behavior change, and facilitate long-term user engagement

*Understanding of how to translate user input and other research data into strategic and actionable decisions

*Take-home research and design activity templates, and UX and aging resources

Will Ahlering, CEO of Mimi, a Denver-based tech startup in the aging space, will offer a case study and share how he and his team have worked with Alex to integrate UX research and design strategies to successfully build a software service for senior care professionals. Will shares insights into Mimi’s evolution in product development, and reaping the benefits of working with users throughout the process.

Presenter - Alex Iselin - CEO - Better with Age

Presenter - Will Ahlering - CEO - Mimi 

Moderator - Karen Brown - Aging2.0 Denver Ambassador - Seniors Matter 

Keynote Speakers

William Ahlering

William Ahlering


Alex Iselin

Alex Iselin

Better with Age



Webinar - Building Software People Love with Lean User Research

Karen Brown

Ambassador / CEO - Aging2.0 Denver Chapter / Seniors Matter


Aug. 29, 2018
11 a.m. - noon

Denver, CO

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