Silvertech: Opportunities for Madison Entrepreneurs

Thu, May 17, 2018, 5:30 PM (CDT)


From robotic pets to smart home assistants, the market for products built to aid aging populations and their caregivers has grown dramatically in the last five years. Sometimes referred to as "silvertech" this exciting field is a learning lab for both entrepreneurs and senior living professionals, and we are beginning to see significant improvements in product design and usability as the space matures.

Madison's unique position as a tech and healthcare hub combined with a population of active and intellectually curious older adults, makes our city a strong laboratory for tech innovation in this space. In this talk, Adam Simcock CEO of Madison tech firm Earthling Interactive and Chapter Ambassador to the global network Aging 2.0, will look at trends in silvertech and discuss the role of technologists and entrepreneurs in this space. He will look at the genesis of trends and highlight specific products that are meeting the needs of individuals and their caregivers. Some of the trends Adam will talk about include:

Person-centric design

Unfortunately, until recently, technology to serve older adults was frequently clunky, unattractive or impractical. But a new emphasis on style and design is helping to lower the barriers to adoption.

Appropriate user interface

Individuals with dexterity issues are less likely to use products that depend on touchpads, mice and keyboards. Instead, voice assistance such as Alexa and Google Home provide a much more compatible platform for using these technologies.

Products to alleviate social isolation

Social determinants of health like social interaction, transportation, and meal preparation support a critical niche in technology development for older adults

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Solutions that integrate artificial intelligence have exciting potential to provide cost-effective care for older adults particularly those in rural areas or with limited access to transportation.

Increasing recognition and support for family caregivers

Innovators frequently struggle to connect with family caregivers because many of them don’t self-identify as caregivers, but that is changing with the development of a new suite of family caregiver apps and services.

Keynote Speaker

  • Adam Simcock

    Adam Simcock

    Earthling Interactive



Thursday, May 17
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (CDT)


Central Library
201 W Mifflin St Madison53703

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