How to cope with being old

Sao Paulo
Tue, Mar 31, 2020, 7:08 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

Dr. Mania Deweik is a well known Brazilian psychoanalyst and psychologist. In this Webinar, made with exclusivity for Aging2.0 São Paulo, she narrates about what is to be old in the 21st century, a society of “happiness”, in which one is more interested in showing constantly its accomplishments rather than actually enjoying the moment. These are attitudes and feelings more related to the millennial generation, given their wide use of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other media. The baby boomers generation is not that much “at ease” with this culture, but consequences, they are experiencing its effects: concepts such as old is disposable; old is useless; old is not fashionable; old is incapable to cope with changes; old and tech do not match; etc.

Dr. Dweik quotes various thinkers such as Débord, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm, just to mention a few, to make her point of how the formation of the concept of “Old” evolved since the Industrial Revolution to our days, and uses the idea of “time is money” to show that our financial system does believe that the young has more value than the old: the present value of the projected “cash flow” produced by the Old is smaller than that of the Young. Such concept only fostered and deepened the emergence of the phenomenon of stress as we currently define it: a constant feeling of inadequacy, the “angst” of living, of missing out (a derivative of the millennials construct), of not being relevant – a meaningless existence. Dr. Dweik also emphasizes how technology is making an inroad into the fields of psychoanalysis / psychotherapy, through the use of new ways of communication between therapists and clients, and also helping to decrease the levels of stress through new Apps- and that the faster the elder make use of such new tools, the more they will benefit of a better health, both mentally and physically. She has experienced herself some difficulties with technology, but she says one must persevere and not give in to “old habits”: one must face change in the eye and move forward. The human being needs to talk and to share their experiences: this is a way to relieve tension, and also to expose our inner self, and to trust people. She also mentions the importance of other forms of reducing stress, such as yoga and meditation, both of which she practices regularly.

Dr. Mania Deweik, 67 yo, is graduated in psychology (USP University); Psychoanalist (Sedes Sapientiae); Professor of Science at Faculdade Paulistana; Lecturer, and writer. 

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