Older Adults (the 60+): Inclusion x Ageism

Sao Paulo
Thu, Sep 3, 2020, 5:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

Older Adults (the 60+): Inclusion x Ageism is an event conceived by Aging2.0 São Paulo after an invitation by ThinkBrasil, an organization that focuses in promoting institutional relations and governance. It is a forum that organizes and promotes the discussion of topics related Brazilian social, economic, political and scientific environments. Longevity is a much talked about issue locally, and even more so now, that Brazil is, unfortunately, among the countries most hit by Covid 19. This is a time for reflection and dissemination of the important role of older adults in our society. However, ageism has also made a deleterious inroad in our culture, and we must take action and fight against this prejudice. First, because it is utterly unjust and deceiving; and second because it is a waste of precious resources of accumulated knowledge. The event will show forms of ageism that are “normal” in our society, in our day by day - and how they can be fought back; and it will also show ways to make older adults contribution to the improvement of our society more visible and tangible.

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