The 60+ and Telemedicine: challenges and opportunities.

Sao Paulo
Wed, Jul 29, 2020, 7:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

Dr. Venceslau Coelho, geriatrician at the Clinics's Hospital at University of São Paulo; Dr. Cristiano Nascimento, pulmonologist, former Director of Innovation at Prevent Senior (the first and only private health care provider dedicated exclusively to the 60+ in Brazil), and founder of and CEO of IHS (telemedicine applied to homeware 24h monitoring; support in dehospitalization) a telemedicine startup ; and Martin Henkel, founder and CEO of SeniorLab, a consultancy on marketing 60+, and director of Aging2.0 São Paulo. The moderator of the debate will be Aging2.0 São Paulo's Ambassador and Aging 2.0's liaison for South America, Sergio Duque Estrada. 

The quarantine that came as consequence of the COVID 19 will certainly last longer for the elderly. Telemedicine may prove to be a very useful tool, but there is still a lot be understood, both by the public in general, as well as by the doctors, nurses and caretakers. Although not really new, telemedicine is making incredible progresses due to IoT and the soon available 5G band - so the actual definition of its frontiers are changing at a very fast pace. Brazil is a vast country (bigger than continental US), with a population of 210 million people of which 33 million are 60+ - thus telemedicine may prove to be crucial in offering reliable medical services in remote regions.

The event will aim at answering the following questions:

1. What is telemedicine nowadays?

2. When is telemedicine really effective?

3. Is it expensive? Does it require heavy investments?

4. How and where can it be offered to the elderly? In their homes? Clinics? Daycares? Hospitals? Long-stay institutions?

5. What kind of training a medical staff needs? Are they getting such training?

6. What are the latest most used technologies? How and where it is being used in Brazil?

7. How is research for telemedicine in Brazil fairing?

8. What are the pros and cons? High tech x high touch

9. What are the prospects for: 60+ users - MDs - health insurance companies - government

Unibes ( is a reference in educational, cultural and social issues in the city of São Paulo. Aging and Longevity play an important part in their vast curriculum of activities. Its Longevity Program was inaugurated by Prof. Alexandre Kalache. Aging2.0 São Paulo has been an official partner of Unibes and has counted with its support since May 2018. The event also counts with the support of the municipality of the city of São Paulo and of the Ministry of Citizenship.

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