The 60+ and the Cosmetics Industry in Brazil

Sao Paulo
Tue, Jul 21, 2020, 2:00 AM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

Brazil is of the leading consumers of beauty & hygiene products in the world. And when it comes to cosmetics, touching and understanding the mind is the first step. AGING2.0 São Paulo was invited by ABC (Associação Brasileira de Cosmetologia) - "Brazilian Association of Cosmetology - to coordinate this event, which will discuss behavior patterns, marketing trends, packaging, and innovation - with the objective of  discussing better and more innovative ways to deliver to 60+ Brazilian consumers what they need and want. Together with Sergio Duque Estrada, Regional Ambassador for Brazil and South America, will be Martin Henkel and Gabi Michelin, both directors of Aging2.0 São Paulo, and respectively CEO of SeniorLab (a well known local consultancy who developed a "seal of approval" for product design destined to the 60+; and Gabriela Michelin, CEO of Raízes, a market research boutique focused on the 60+ segment. The purpose of this event is to show how peculiar the needs and desires of both older men and women are when it comes to cosmetology in general, and the subtle aspects related to the differences of climate and culture in a country as vast as Brazil. Such differences are often overlooked by an industry who has traditionally focused on younger generations, thus overlooking the potential of the 60+ markets (and more important, their needs). The presentations will also involve discussing innovation in packaging and labeling, and  new forms of communicating (i.e, various digital channels and 60+ influencers), which will in turn improve the understanding of the elderly population:  

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