Yoga, longevity and stress – Part 2

Sao Paulo
Wed, Apr 8, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT-3)

Sao Paulo

Lie flat in bed, you can put a cushion under your knees, or just relax your legs, or join your knees with your feet apart and your hands resting over your belly, then inhale once and exhale twice, 16 times then

Lie in bed horizontally on your left side, you can lie in cocoon position if you wish, whatever position you feel comfortable when you are sleeping. Then, inhale once and exhale twice, 32 times.

You may ask, after performing all these exercise, I am still awake. Then just repeat the entire exercise. If you are still awake after the repeat, it is not a problem, the worst that can happen is that you managed to concentrate more, happier than before, now your body is full of oxygen and enriched your blood, if you don’t get a sleep at least you will have more energy to face the new day. There is no disadvantage in doing this exercise, it will help you despite you couldn’t get a sleep.

Until now, I have not had any complains from people who tried and failed. Let me know what happened to you. 

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