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The Aging2.0 Global Startup Search is an annual program designed to search the world for the best aging-focused startups. The competition kicks off with a series of pitch events in Chapter cities around the world - hundreds of startups apply to compete and local teams carefully select participants and judges for each event. The winning startup from each local pitch event moves forward to an online voting round, where the general public and panel of expert judges evaluate and contribute to the selection of finalists. The finale pitch event will take place during the Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE Conference in San Francisco November 14-15, 2017. This program is supported by Google for Entrepreneurs           


Online Voting + Expert Judging


  AdoptGrandParents is an intergenerational company program for the elderly with the objective that senior citizens feel heard, accompanied and loved, while youngers acquire values and experience.

Bamboo seniors offers a twofold service. Investment for Seniors offers apartaments for older adult independent living and Bamboo Clinic provides a geriatric day clinic.

Bedal makes new medical solutions that increase patient comfort and reduce hospital costs.

We use gold-standard neurocognitive tests and turn them into interactive mobile games to make tracking and monitoring brain health easy, affordable and accessible.


We use ‘cold plasma’, a Star-Trek technology, to treat chronic wounds and kill multiresistant bacteria!


Augmented reality solutions for wearable devices solving blindness, TBI, corporate needs and enhanced security.

We provide a software and hardware platform to help patients take their medications on schedule. Our first product is an IoT pill dispenser.

Envoy America operates a ridesharing platform that matches seniors that cannot drive, don’t want to drive or shouldn’t drive themselves with trained and certified drivers.


Our company is based around our invention the "Feltes One Way", an anti-rollback device for manual wheelchairs.


Funerals360 is an end-to-end funeral planning platform that educates consumers on end-of-life options and connects them with local providers to save time, money, & stress.


HOMESEEN - wise, creative, and effective elder care solutions. Our main service is to provide monthly subscription of personalized cognitive games for dementia patients.


Developers of an Automatic Bathing device that helps seniors bathe independently, with dignity and age in place; while lessening caretaker reliance & cost of care.


i65 empowers today's financial, medical & HR professionals to help senior-aged clients make the best Medicare decisions for their unique needs — without selling insurance products.


Janus Choice facilitates informed healthcare transitions between different care settings. We offer an interactive and easy-to-use platform for matching patients with the best post-acute providers.


IoT solution for dementia patients' functional / ADL training and dementia prevention with wearables, apps and data.

  myXIMI is a mobile app! A gateway that connects users with their friends, family and communities, using gamification and AI to provide personalized challenges. It´s a river, a flow of valuable information that assists caregivers tracking, treating and, hopefully, avoiding Loneliness.
  Nebula Industries is solving the problem of medical adhesive related injuries for those with fragile skin, particularly older people, using innovative approaches developed at MIT/Brigham and Women's Hospital.
  Millions of people worldwide face legal blindness every day and NuEyes is using augmented reality glasses to provide independence for the visually impaired.  Testimonial  
OnGuardian empowers family caregivers by streamlining support, collaboration and access to information while providing care recipients with an easy to use voice interface, powered by Amazon Echo and Alexa.
  Low-cost and accessible hardware to provide therapy, motivation and mobility for people with walking disability.
  Using technology, we receive, scrutinize and ensure that our clients' bills are paid accurately and on-time. Our clients no longer need to write checks or remember due dates. 
  We help prevent dementia through empirically-supported and scientifically-designed cognitive intervention.  We offer a Medicare reimbursable clinic model and an on-line brain game environment.
  SOS FUTUR is a sttart-up specialized in new technologies (training, assistance, aid for purchase). 
  Invented new device to help seniors stand and sit on couch or loveseat safely and easily. Only patented portable device of its kind. Under 3 pounds.
  Steadiwear has developed a battery-free & lightweight glove that responsively stabilizes the wrist joint in Essential tremor & Parkinson's Disease.
  Producer of specialty, adaptive clothing line. Began with underwear and have expanded product line to include athletic and swimwear. The patented clothing addresses the needs of individuals with mobility impairment. The clothing is easy to get on and off, and does not require bending, balancing or standing on one leg. 
   A next generation social retailer providing life-changing dementia products to improve the lives of all those affected by dementia worldwide
Artificial Intelligence aging-in-place platform helping older adults “thrive” at home in an independent, connected, fun way. Making active aging a reality by using accessible technology.
The company offers telemedicine solutions made of smart textiles with the capabilities of precision sensing, internet of things, and big data analytics.




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