Grand Challenges

Aging2.0's Grand Challenges is a global initiative to drive collaboration around the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging.

These eight topics are the result of six years of bottom-up and top-down dialogue with stakeholders from across Aging2.0’s interdisciplinary, intergenerational, international community of older adults, senior care providers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. They are the innovation priorities for the Aging2.0 community. 
Over the next year we'll be working with our network to research, track and innovate collaboratively - so that we can more effectively 'move the needle' and make a meaningful (and measurable) impact on the lives of older adults around the world. 


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Review the Complimentary Version of the 2018-2019 Aging2.0 Report Below

This complimentary version is an abbreviated version of the full 2018-2019 Aging2.0 Report. The complete version includes more in-depth information on each topic and resources that span across all eight Grand Challenges.