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The Chapter of São Paulo was reactivated in October 2017.  Sergio Werther Duque Estrada has since been the local Ambassador, and has the full support of the following directors: Prof. Egídio Dórea, MD - coordinator of the University of Sao Paulo's  educational program for the elderly population (over 6K students), and board member of the local chapter of the International Longevity Center -ILC's ; Luiz Castro (Financial Advisor); Luiz Pinho (partner at Valormax Financial Consultants); Marcia Ladeira (former production director at TV Globo Media);  Renan Iegoroff, MD; Gabi Michelin (aging expert, founder of Raizes.etc); Martin Henkel (60+ marketing strategist, founder of SeniorLab and co-founder of Nucleo60+); Ana Theresa Campos (marketing, events, and media professional); Fatima Rendeiro (futurism and innovation, marketing professor at ESPM), Daniela Campos Zuccolotto, (media executive, former director at TV Globo), and Silaine Benzobas (retail executive, CEO of Veraziones Inc).

Relevant local partners are: Unibes Cultural Center;  Longevity Center - University  of São Paulo; Longevidade ExpoFórum and Nucleo60+ 

If you wish to follow the growth of the elderly population in Brazil (real time), check our digital meter :

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