About The Collective


The Aging2.0 Collective (thecollective.aging2.com) is a global, mission-driven initiative to accelerate innovation in aging. This program, launched in partnership with digital innovation consulting company, Shapeable, is building a data-driven insight, solutions and matchmaking platform that connects innovators with providers looking for next-generation and cost-effective solutions. 

The Collective will build a knowledge system that captures all of the issues and solutions faced by the Aging2.0 community to address the shortage of innovations for our rapidly aging societies.  



We are now looking for volunteer Super Connectors to help curate innovation topics (and receive complimentary access to the platform) as well as new corporate members who would like to join as founding members and help build the 'systems maps' based on priority topics for them. In addition, accelerated in light of COVID19, we are seeking corporate/government sponsors who would like to engage in 'field building' to promote systematic innovation to help share best practices around prevention and treatment of older adults, and more broadly to accelerate their local innovation locally and as part of a global community.  Please contact thecollective@aging2.com with questions or indicate your interest here.