Super Connectors

Super Connectors are passionate and knowledgeable influencers keen to share their voice and help us shape the innovation agenda for our global community. With 30,000+ members spanning across 125+ volunteer-run local Chapters, Aging2.0 is a global innovation community tackling the Grand Challenges of our aging societies. 

If you have the expertise, enthusiasm and connections to become one of our 'Super Connectors' and wish to extend your network and ideas, we look forward to receiving your application.  

Interested in becoming a Super Connector? Please complete this application:

What you get:

What we ask of you:

We ask that you help us build the Collective into the world's leading collective intelligence platform for aging and longevity by adding three core pieces of information: 

In addition, we'll be offering additional opporutnities for Super Connectors to get engaged with onoing projects and our corporate-sponsored Topic Teams. Submit your application here.