Jessie Bosshard

  • Postgraduate Student with Imperial College London
  • London
  • Hospital & Health Care
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About Me

For several years, senior living communities in the United States have been my focus of attention and intrigue, but I now embark on a global expedition to better understand the challenges and triumphs experienced during the later years of life, for all involved. My mission is to not only improve access to quality care, but harness community for this growing demographic and their loved ones. Through my experience as the Human Resources Manager with Givens Highland Farms, a non-profit Life Plan Community in the mountains of North Carolina, as well as the Green Party of England and Wales, I have grown to understand the power of a supportive climate, particularly within the world of healthcare. Currently, I‘m lucky to be exposed to such diversity (my postgraduate cohort of 70 represent 26+ nationalities!), and consistently feel inspired by stories about personal and professional experiences within an ageing world. I’m currently navigating my way within the space, and welcome words of wisdom! One thing is clear - it’s time for us to revitalise the ageing experience (from day 1 onward). *If you’d like to join the community of 3+ million UK Dementia Friends (an Alzheimer’s Society social initiative), I’d be happy to kickoff your induction - feel free to reach out if you share a similar vision.