Donna Fedus

About Me

I was lucky to find my passion for the field of gerontology in my 20's. Now, nearly 30 years later, I am still inspired to create innovative programs and services to benefit older adults and the dedicated family members, professionals and organizations that support them. As a gerontologist since 1990, I bring deep content expertise in aging and caregiving issues along with a broad array of instructional design, training, coalition building and program development experience from hospital and university settings, and work with private clients. I founded Borrow My Glasses, combining my gerontology expertise with a producer from the worlds of television, non profit management and corporate training. Together, we bring a unique perspective to program design, consultation, and training collaborations. We are also producing a documentary and education project called Living With Palliative Care. We look forward to contributing to the New Haven chapter of Aging 2.0. Looking for a new perspectives on opportunities and challenges arising from the aging trend? Borrow My Glasses and let me borrow yours.