Cathrine Pauli

  • act n'age, Founder
  • Zurich
Assisted Living

About Me

Cathrine Pauli considers her as a “in-betweener”. She belongs to the generation who has grown up without a computer as well as to the one who cannot live without digital connection. Her curiosity has driven her to think out of the box. She loves innovation and is fascinated by the opportunity the digital transformation and globalization brings to us. Over the past 15 years she held several management positions in operations and business development for the service industry, mainly with the focus on change and turnaround management. In her last position she run as the Country CEO the Swiss organization for one of the largest global companies in food services and facility management. At the moment she is founding the start-up "act n'age". Cathrine is convinced that at the center of each successful organization are people with their enthusiasm and needs. The credo “walk the talk” is one recipe to speed up change. With Swiss parents Cathrine was born in Denmark, has grown up in Germany und the U.S., studied at the ETH / Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich and at the HEC in Paris. She holds a Master in Architecture, a Master in Business Administration and a CAS in Gerontology. Next to getting involved in change projects she is active in politics, is thinking about services for the elderly using new technology and is involved as a mother and family person.