Sylvia Klopper


About Me

Passionate about Entrepreneurship, Technology and Longevity. I was born in Austria and was lucky to live in various countries due to my business studies and corporate work experience. When I moved to Cape Town in 2009, the entrepreneurial bug bit me soon thereafter, and my start-up journey commenced. After priceless experiences around founding, raising investments for & selling my previous business, I now ended up in the health care sector with my latest venture being - aiming to improve the lives of elder living in their own homes. Spearheading Aging2.0 Cape Town is a natural fit for me after seeing the amount of opportunities and challenges Elder are facing in South Africa. The country is ripe for innovation in the elder market and I'd like to attract business talent and entrepreneurs to this exciting sector and start a conversation. Ultimately we don't just innovate for the elder of nowadays, we also innovate for our future.