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  • Mariella Zuñiga

    Mariella Zuñiga

    Adaptive Home Living LLC

    Chapter Ambassador

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  • Tina Sandri

    Tina Sandri

    Knollwood Military Retirement Community

    Chapter Advisor / Core Team

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  • Brittany Weinberg

    Brittany Weinberg

    BW Global Consulting


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  • Charles de Vilmorin

    Charles de Vilmorin

    Linked Senior

    Ambassador Core Team

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  • Meaghan McMahon

    Meaghan McMahon

    MBM Consulting

    Team member

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  • Raca Banerjee

    Raca Banerjee

    NYU Stern

    Team Member

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  • Kripa Sreepada

    Kripa Sreepada

    Rep. Joe Crowley

    Team Member

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  • Chris Mihm

    Chris Mihm

    Team Member

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  • Greg O'Neill

    Greg O'Neill

    National Academy on Aging

    Team Member

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  • Mollie Gurian

    Mollie Gurian

    Team Member

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  • Aviva Sufian

    Aviva Sufian

    Team Member

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  • Rosy McGillan

    Rosy McGillan

    Team Member

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  • Deborah Rozell

    Deborah Rozell

    Innovative Inclusive Design LLC


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  • Sheena Jaffer

    Sheena Jaffer

    Assistive Technology Program for teh District of Columbia

    Assistive Technology Alternative Financing Program

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  • Mike Hughes

    Mike Hughes

    Senior Helpers


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  • Susan Stiles

    Susan Stiles

    National Council on Aging

    Senior Director, Product Development and Strategy

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