Interview with the Winner of the 2018 AGHE Global Business of Aging Pitch Competition

Aging2.0 strives to support innovators around the world, as they work to create meaningful innovations and a better tomorrow for us all.

REPORT | A Snapshot of Global Innovation in Aging and Senior Care

Last year, Aging2.0 received support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a project we ran called, ‘Global Innovations | Local Benefits,’ which systematically looked at innovations and innovators from across our global network, with a view to distilling trends, lessons and best practices that could be used to help the US healthcare system. We are pleased to announce the publication of the report, ‘A snapshot of global innovation in aging and senior care’, which together with input during the OPTIMIZE Conference last year, represents a synthesis of the project. Click here to download the full report.

Sompo Digital Lab introduces Innovation Partner Program

Koichi NarasakiChief Digital OfficerSompo Holdings
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