Global Startup Search Finalists ANNOUNCED

We've scoured the globe to find very best aging-focused startups and
we're bringing the finalists to you at the Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE conference!


Meet the Keynotes: Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE Conference

Meet some of the keynotes who'll be speaking at OPTIMIZE - the world stage for innovation and aging. These internationally-recognized thought leaders will wow attendees with the trends and insights that are shaping our world, the healthcare system and the aging experience! 
Hogewey Dementia Village - The Internationally Acclaimed, Innovative Model for Dementia Care
Save yourself a trip to Amsterdam, we’re bringing global insights from the founder of Hogeway to you at OPTIMIZE!  In a rare visit to the United States, founder Yvonne van Amerongen will share sought after details about how the innovative dementia village model balances freedom and security to deliver a breakthrough model of care. As seen on CNN and elsewhere, the dementia village concept is built around common and familiar building blocks of daily life. Secure at the perimeter, inside Hogeway residents can walk freely through the streets, squares, courtyards and parks and visit the village grocery store, cafes and theater. The social approach provides familiar, recognizable incentives for residents to remain active in daily life. 
A Field Guide to Exponential Thinking 
Join Singularity University’s Pascal Finette on an journey into the (not so distant) future of exponentially accelerating technologies. Hear the untold stories and insights of Silicon Valley’s most important technologists and learn what it takes to shift your own thinking from linear to exponential, and your mindset from scarcity to abundance. A whirlwind tour of the latest and most influential technologies of the next ten years will give you the opportunity to apply your new way of thinking.
Technology Meets Neuroscience - A Vision of the Future of Brain Health 
A fundamental challenge of modern society is the development of effective approaches to enhance brain function and cognition in both the healthy and the impaired. For the healthy, this should be a core mission of our educational system and for the cognitively impaired this is the primary goal of our medical system. Unfortunately, neither of these systems have effectively met this challenge. Professor Gazzaley will describe a novel approach that uses custom-designed video games to achieve meaningful and sustainable cognitive enhancement via personalized closed-loop systems.
Changing World, Changing Systems
The world is changing (and aging) rapidly and the US healthcare system is in the midst of the massive transformation from volume to value. This trio of trend talks will provide insight into mega-trends that contextualize the opportunities for innovation in aging. 

Jaana Remes is a partner at McKinsey Global Institute and one of the authors of “No Ordinary Disruption.” Based on years of research, Janna will discuss four forces that are colliding and transforming the global economy (hint: one of them is aging).


Brain Trust

UCSF neuroscientist, and 2016 OPTIMIZE keynote speaker Adam Gazzaley is taking brain games to the next level.

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